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It turns out that Fanta serves a much greater purpose than just a soft drink. It can also be used in a marinade for ribs. Fanta makes the pork ribs sweet and sticky, which ticks all the boxes!


The Swartland wine scene has flourished so much in the last generation that many of the region’s viticultural pioneers have become international tastemakers, producing at a larger scale. While the area is home to many big names in wine, sometimes you just want to find something a little more unique or less mainstream. There is a clutch of boutique wineries whose taste and style is dictated by terroir, not by the trends guiding the bigger guys. One such producer is Whiley Wines, founded by Kenneth Whiley.


And now for Creation’s Signature Scent: The Perfume of Wine


It’s harvest time at Boschendal and if you’re a lover of plums, we’ve got you covered. Blessed with an abundant yield this year the farm has dedicated the month of March to the versatile fruit and is celebrating with a number of exciting occasions and activities to suit the entire family.


Having struggled to keep up with other spirits for some time, rum is now coming into its own with an increase in the number of producers and expressions. Happily, as our taste test shows, the quality


Bottoms up.

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US agreed to suspend tariffs on British exports in de-escalation of trade dispute



The sale of ?bottle No. 1? for an estimated high price of US$30,000 will benefit the Asian American Business Development Center


Jameson is inviting everyone to ?Join In, Wherever You Are? this St. Patrick?s Day as part of a month-long integrated campaign.


/PRNewswire/ -- For more than 260 years, Guinness has been celebrating St. Patrick's Day and what it means to be Irish: being resilient, toasting to the good...


We sampled dozens of whiskeys, bourbons, vodkas and tequilas, and these are the 21 spirits that you need to try in 2021.


The 15,000-square-foot Melody Courts, with office users and restaurants, is set to be completed this year.


French Cognac is pretty special stuff, but so too is South Africa's own Cape Brandy, which has become a world-class spirit in its own right.


Monkey Shoulder has teamed up with mixer brand, Fever-Tree, to create ?the ultimate mixing pack? . The brightly-coloured pack, which is described...