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Jose Cuervo Is Launching A Tequila-infused Hard Seltzer

These days, there’s no shortage of choices when it comes to hard seltzer, as it seems like every alcohol brand has its own version.


8 Practical And Eco-Friendly Gifts For Coffee Lovers

If you want to buy a gift for a coffee lover trying to live sustainably, you may think your options are limited. But fortunately, this is not true. Many brands in the coffee industry or other related industries have developed eco-conscious strategies or offer sustainable alternatives to popular products. With a bit of research, you can shop responsibly and find products that align with ecological standards.  


5 Cannabis Cocktails for the Beginner Bartender

For experienced stoners, the same old method of flower indulgence loses its edge over time. There are only so many times you can fire up that resin-filled pipe or bake a time-intensive batch of edibles. Whether you rely on a sleek dab rig like this for your daily dose of flower, or prefer to sip on a 420-friendly cocktail, opportunities to savor herb are far from few and far between. Luckily, the leaf industry is constantly innovating new exciting ways of appreciating nature’s potent herb. One such creation is what’s known as a flower-friendly cocktail. A delicious and unique beverage combining alcohol and ganja, herb cocktails are quickly becoming popular amongst bartenders and budtenders alike. 


Will Celebrity-backed Tequila Brands Succeed?

Celebrities such as The Rock and George Clooney have helped the stratospheric rise in popularity of Tequila and other agave spirits. But canny consumers will discern whether the stars have a real pass


In Search Of A Perfect 10: Bombay Sapphire Steps Up Mission To Become World’s Most Sustainable Gin

All ten of the Bacardi-owned brand?s botanical ingredients are on track to be certified sustainable this year.


The Berrio Relaunched

21 years ago, The Berrio wine project was started by Elim winegrape farmer Francis Pratt and winemaker Bruce Jack. Pratt was a key figure along with


Best Cider Brands In 2021: 17 Brilliant Cider Brands To Try

The best cider brands all depends on whether you want to go traditional or fruity. Here are our top picks for all tastes.


Meet The Bonnievale Farmer Who Taught Nuns To Make Wine

Farmer and winemaker Philip Jonker has a heart as big as Africa. Throughout his agricultural journey he has been in service of others.

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