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What is the most unusual food you have eaten? We’re willing to wager it will be something exotic, perhaps Eastern in origin. The Chinese, Japanese and Korean cuisines – among others – have always involved dishes that are somewhat at odds with those familiar to us in the West, and some more out of the ordinary than others!


Some days, nothing sounds more appealing than an ice-cold hard seltzer (or seven during a night out with friends). On account of the stressors of modern life, it can be easy to wonder if the bottom of a bottle of wine might hold relief from all of life’s challenges. Still, the line between healthy recreational drinking and dangerous alcohol addiction is, unfortunately, a thin one. 

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In 2020, as the world receded into their homes in a bid to protect themselves and others against the spread of COVID-19, many of our habits and behaviours had to change.


Develop new skills at Jordan this winter by attending one of our special courses, on the estate. Learn new skills in our art classes or improve your CV with our digital courses to improve your business sense!


Calling all Sauvignon Blanc lovers! Sauvignon Blanc South Africa, as the ambassador for SA’s most popular wine variety, is celebrating International #SauvBlancDay 2021 with the rest of the world – and you are invited.


The best South African red wines are an intriguing blend of New and Old World ? bright, vibrant New World fruit, but with Old World complexity. These are the highest-rated bottles by IWSC judges


Bacardi-owned Grey Goose vodka kicked off a new campaign for its lower-ABV Essences range during the Oscars pre-show ? the brand?s biggest marketing investment since its launch


Overview and in-depth analysis of the global market for Tequila Forecast by Region, Product Type, Sa


Some proceeds from sale of newly packaged brew are going toward the James Beard Foundation's Open For Good program.


Works displayed on World Creativity and Innovation Day illustrate how South Africans are unleashing their creative passions...


Heading out to Paarl on a sunny autumn day is food for the soul, especially if you take time to explore some of the lesser known spots.