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Drinks To Try In The Chilling Parts Of The World

If you live in an area that experiences extreme winters, you know just how crucial it is to know how to stay warm and comfortable through the cold season. In addition to wearing warm clothing, staying indoors and putting the heating system on, a hot beverage can be a perfect way to keep warm.


Is It Healthy To Eat Grilled Foods?

Grilling is an excellent form of cooking that has been passed on by our ancestors. Firing up the grill is very common amongst people especially during a public holiday. Grilling is fun and pairing it up with beer makes it even better. With a variety of beer options and meat options, it’s a match made in heaven. Over the years, we have developed many ways to process and cook our meat such as frying, boiling, grilling, roasting and so much more. Maintaining is essential as it will increase its durability and last longer. Whether you’ve just purchased a brand new George Foreman Grill or you’re a veteran George griller, this guide on Carnivore Style will teach you how to clean a George Foreman Grill efficiently.


Spicy Cocktails To Kick off Your Cinco De Mayo Fiesta

There are lots of drinks that celebrate the best flavors and traditions of Mexico. There’s no denying that every fiesta needs a beverage to go with all the Cinco de Mayo party favorites. If you want to turn the heat up a notch, then these kickass cocktails with a dash of spice will take the fiesta to new highs.


South African Chenin Blancs Are Showing Subtle, Low-key Vinification To The Fore

Chenin Blanc is South Africa’s most widely planted variety, making up 17 148ha or 18.6% of the total 92 005ha currently under vine. Not surprisingly, it’s a category offering tremendous depth of quality.


Bombay Vs. Tanqueray Vs. Hendrick’s Vs. Beefeater Explained: The Differences Between Them

Bombay, Tanqueray, Hendrick's, and Beefeater dominate the gin market, but are each unique in their own way. Read on for their differences!


Bushmills Launches Original Cask Finish Range With Two Whiskeys

American Oak and Caribbean Rum Cask Finish whiskeys are first in Bushmills' new collection

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This Complex Starbucks Coffee Order Made One Barista Want To Quit His Job

Order had 13 special requests to get the drink just right.


Agua Santa Mexican Lager Fiesta Set For May 8 At Figueroa Mountain Brewing Co.

Figueroa Mountain Brewing Co. in Buellton is planning a COVID-19-compliant event for Saturday, May 8, to celebrate both Cinco de Mayo


The Brandy Masters 2021 Results

With the right approach and a healthy marketing budget, a brandy producer could pitch their products into the minds of a new generation of drinkers. As our latest taste test discovered, the liquid on