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Have you ever notice the dent in the side of a milk bottle wondered what purpose it serves? There are in fact two purposes of the dent that are very beneficial.


Pepsi and Kraft are embracing wild new flavors that seem a bit extreme but upon closer inspection, the food giants are actually just remixing flavors we already know and love. Call it the new nostalgia. The flavors themselves aren’t fresh, but they are placed into surprising contexts to offer a combination of comfort and adventure. Pepsi Apple Pie cola is strangely intriguing, while Pumpkin Spice Kraft Macaroni & Cheese is pretty much gag-worthy.

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As the coronavirus pandemic draws on, the world is quickly adapting to virtual life. For instance, international flight operations are yet to resume in most parts of the world, and we are stuck traveling from our armchairs. And it’s not just virtual travel, the internet is rife with content, stories, and all kinds of experiences to keep us engaged during these trying times. 


The V&A Waterfront’s R63 million investment in Makers Landing, in partnership with the National Treasury’s Jobs Fund, is bearing fruit as the first intake of SMMEs graduate from Makers Landing’s Food Lab Incubation Programme.


No use crying over spilled milk as it’s a thing of the past! The next time you try to pour milk, simply use this simple trick. Just pour milk from the other side of the carton. It not only helps in holding the carton more easily but also avoids milk sloshing.


As summer is just around the corner in the Lone Star State, Scotch-industry giant Johnnie Walker has made Houston, Texas home for the launch of its brighter, sweeter whisky called Johnnie Blonde Blend


The customized drinks from the so-called ?secret menu? at Starbucks often become just as popular as the regular drinks featured on the official Starbucks menu. ... Read moreStarbucks Secret Menu Drink


If you love to drink wine, then a wine holiday is one of the best ways to celebrate your taste.

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In a first for South African whisky, Three Ships whisky won seven awards, including a double gold medal, at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition.


One of America's greatest whiskey producers have created a catalog uniquely suited to whiskey self-education.