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The latest release of Org de Rac’s icon Die Waghuis 2019 red wine is not only from a new vintage but also sports a new look. This acclaimed Mediterranean-style blend from the well-known Swartland organic wine farm situated just outside the town of Piketberg is one of Org de Rac’s most awarded wines and is crafted from a unique blend of Grenache (40%), Shiraz (38%) and Mourvèdre (17%) with the 5% balance made-up from the white Verdelho grape.


Work schedules are only getting busier nowadays, prompting consumers to look for energy boosters which will allow them to maintain high levels of focus and productivity, especially at work. Although the most well-known component of many energy-boosting food and beverages is caffeine, this is not the only ingredient used to supply an invigorating lift.


The beautiful black and white linocuts by renowned South African artist, JH Pierneef is familiar to guests who frequent La Motte. Now, more than enjoying these exceptional works of art in the La Motte Museum or Tasting Room, you can take some of their beauty home.


South Africa is celebrating with the announcement that the locally produced Van Ryn’s 20-year-old potstill brandy has been awarded World’s Best Wine Brandy at the 2022 World Brandy Awards.


Jonathan Ross, a sommelier at Eleven Madison Park, is responsible for resurrecting the old world tradition of using heated tongs to open wine.


Top Caption: Tim Hutchinson, executive chairman of DGB (left) receiving the Mundus Vini Best Producer award from Robert Joseph, board-member of Mundus Vini.


How fun would it be to be a spendthrift even just for a day? When your financial shackles come loose and your dreams of ‘living the dream’ come true, there are many places that money could take you. If you are curious where that is, where the one-percenters go to play, here is the scoop.


Bacon jam is that perfect mixture of salt, sweet, and savory that can surprise people into wanting to go back for more again and again.  The unique flavor, the fun texture, and how sensationalized bacon generally make this a fun ingredient everyone should have in their kitchens. These recipes aren’t very strict, so make sure to make them your own! 


Org de Rac has just released its first wine from the 2022 vintage, a Shiraz Rosé made by Lizelle Gerber who took over the winemaking reins of this premier organic Swartland winery at the end of last year. A seasoned Cape winemaker, Gerber says the first wine bears the quality and varietal expression one expects to find from organically farmed vineyards.


David Finlayson Wines from Stellenbosch reaffirmed the international status of South African Cabernet Sauvignon with its GS Cabernet Sauvignon 2019 announced Best Cabernet in the World at the annual Concours International des Cabernets in France. This annual competition is committed to awarding the world’s best wines made from Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and other Cabernet-related grape varieties.


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