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Health experts have raised the red flag on the deadly connection between COVID-19 and heart disease, warning that a balanced, healthy diet is more important than ever for safeguarding your health during a pandemic – which is where the power of potatoes can play a vital role.


One of the reasons I am so fond of this curry is because it reminds me of a beef dish my late father used to make. It was made with blade beef, which was prepared the night before, lightly salted but generously seasoned with freshly ground black pepper and slow cooked, not a single minute rushed. Such care was always taken when he cooked beef, to ensure that the meat was tender and would literally just fall off the bone. But no matter how hard I try, I just can’t seem to recreate it the way he did! However, I drew on his adoration and love of beef with this recipe instead and my heritage as a meat-loving South African!


Aloe vera, or aloe for short, has long been celebrated and utilized in the Middle East, Asia, and South America. Still, it’s only recently that this mini-miracle plant has had its chance to shine in this part of the world.


Online casinos have risen in popularity and more people are gambling online compared to at a physical casino. The reason for their massive popularity lies in the convenience that they offer and because of the current climate in the world, it is much safer for people to gamble in their homes where they aren’t exposed to a large number of people. As Casino Reviews suggests, many online casinos provide a simple and straightforward online gambling experience, like Casino Kingdom. Using their reviews can get you a long way, so make sure you go through as much information as possible before placing a bet. 

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