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If you enjoy vodka, the you’re probably familiar with SKYY, quintessential bar beverage from America. SKYY was created by Maurice Kanbar in 1992, who was on a mission to make a better martini. Since the most important ingredient in a martini is vodka, the solution was simple – make a better vodka!


Be it coffee, tea or alcohol, your drink of choice has an impact on the environment. Luckily, there are some beverage companies that value sustainability, making it possible for your tea habit to benefit the planet.


Before graduating high school further education may appear very distant to some students. This is understandable as college is a huge step towards adulthood and can also be a life-changing experience.


Cocktail drinks are typically offered in most casinos as a compliment though it might not be very advisable since gambling and intoxication aren’t a good idea, it has been part of casino culture to offer one. Players can concentrate better when they have a bit of a Bailey’s on the rocks or a dash of Dry Martini to get fueled. A little bit of spirit is a good kick start for enjoyable and productive wagering.


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