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Olives must be cured before they can be eaten. Anyone who has accidentally  bitten into a raw olive knows this. You can start your very own home ‘curing process.’ Cured olives should have an attractive appearance, a pleasant taste, a firm but not hard texture and an adequate shelf life. Starting the process with a high quality, fresh olive fruit is essential; successful curing further depends on the curing technique, care applied and hygiene of the process.


To celebrate International Gin and Tonic Day, online homeware retailer IWOOT analysed Google and Instagram data to find the world’s most popular Gin.   

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Tex-Mex is a southwest American and Texan cuisine that’s derived from the gastronomic creations of the Tejano people, featuring originally characteristic foods of the border regions of both Texas and Mexico. Many of the spices and cooking techniques that Mexicans brought to Texas influenced the way foods were created, with one of the most prominent including heavy use of garlic and cumin, much more than what you’d find in a traditional Mexican dish.  


This year’s Sauvignon Blanc Report sponsored by multinational financial services company Prescient attracted 125 entries and these were tasted blind (labels out of sight) by a three-person panel, scoring done according to the 100-point quality scale.


Iconic South African brand Chateau Libertas is celebrating 90 years of wine making in 2021. This fine, classic, Cabernet Sauvignon-led red blend is a household name among wine lovers in the country and rightfully so. To commemorate the icon wine, here are 5 fascinating facts about Chateau Libertas that will blow your mind and entice you to grab a bottle or box the next time you see the wine in a shop.


Legumes – such as beans, pulses and lentils – are vital plant-based protein that offer an affordable and sustainable source of vitamins and fibre to help with growth and development. They have been shown to help manage cholesterol and blood glucose, and maintain a healthy gut microbiome, yet independent research by Tiger Brands’ Eat Well Live Well Institute shows that South Africans don’t eat enough to reap their health and nutrition benefits. In fact, legumes are one of the least consumed food groups in South Africa, even though it is recommended to eat them regularly.

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