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Cocktails have been an irreplaceable part of the spirits world ever since its invention. To cock a horse’s tail and make it look more energetic for the show, the horse dealer would give it a ginger concoction. Later adding spices like ginger or black pepper to gin, wine or beer came to be called cocktails!


Turns out all you need to make the best hamburger patties ever is a cup of moonshine and some venison meat. These venison hamburger patties are soaked and marinated in moonshine and garlic. After tasting this Venison Burger with moonshine glaze, you’ll never look at hamburgers the same! The Moonshine gives these hamburger patties the most delicious flavor.


After a long day, there’s no greater feeling than unwinding at home with a nice glass of wine (or maybe two). You might like some rosé, or maybe a classic glass of red or white. Whatever your personal preferences are, this guide is here to provide you with some tips that will take your wine evenings from average to amazing


Be welcomed by the Jordan team for an al fresco picnic served in front of The Cellar Door, overlooking the panoramic of the Stellenbosch Kloof Valley. Be serenaded with Christmas carols as you soak in the festive spirit with your nearest and dearest!

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