Trip Till November While Waiting For Frank Oceans New Album

While everyone is waiting for Frank Ocean’s new album, Boys Don’t Cry, to drop, pour yourself an absinthe, sit back and enjoy the New Orleans singer’s classic trippy video, Pyramids.

Although Frank is not much of a drinker himself the video is a beautiful depiction of what an old-fashion absinthe trip might look like. With New Orleans profound cultural association with absinthe, (also credited as the birthplace of the Sazerac), Frank’s connection with the green fairy becomes obvious.

This anise-flavoured spirit originated in Switzerland in the late 18th century and rose to great popularity in late 19th- and early 20th-century among Parisian artists. It was banned in the States in 1915 with the chemical compound thujone cited as dangerous and the cause of hallucinations.

5 Celebrity Absinthe Drinkers

Most of us know not to mess with absinthe. This anise-flavoured spirit has turned many men into mice and it's therefore no wonder that some refer to it as the "Green Fairy". 

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Absinthe. Will it make you crazy? Or will it only get you drunk? The Wall Street Journal's Jeff Bush de-mystifies the mysterious and much maligned Absinthe Cocktail while visiting a speakeasy in NYC.