Triple your power and zero in on taste with the new sugar free Score Zero Energy Drink

An energy drink is a functional food product that many people use to improve their mental focus or physical strength. Sugar is a fuel source in some energy drinks, but people who are limiting their calories or carbohydrates might prefer a sugar-free energy drink.

With a triple shot of Guarana for an explosive caffeine boost of flavour, new Score Zero is a fresh spin on the super charged, ultra-premium Score Black. It has the same great taste and healthy dose of B vitamins to amp your power minus the sugar. Both Score Black and Score Zero are free of taurine, leaving you with the great aftertaste Score fans have come to love. For an epic surge of power and good taste, mix it with your favourite premium vodka.

Score Black lit up the music scene with its launch last year in collaboration with South African hip-hop sensation, Kwesta.

Available in 250ml slim cans, new Score Black and Score Zero are available in leading outlets at around R11.99. You’ll want to give them a shot!