Tropicana Ad Campaign Accused Of Encouraging Alcohol Abuse

Were they drunk when they came up with this?

Sobriety activists were gobsmacked to learn that Tropicana has launched a campaign starring Gabrielle Union, Molly Sims and Jerry O’Connell — encouraging parents to beat holiday stress by hiding alcohol from their families and drinking in secret.

Martha Duke of sobriety support network Recovering Out Loud told us, “The two biggest red flags someone has an alcohol problem is hiding the consumption from others, and relying on alcohol to get through the day.”

The juice company has given celebs and influencers special booze-filled refrigerators that are disguised as laundry hampers and tool boxes — the idea being that they can sneak away to have a quiet moment alone and mix a mimosa.

“At a time when alcohol consumption by women is up at dangerously high rates, it is irresponsible for a company or celebrity to put their stamp of approval on what [could] essentially [be] the beginning of alcohol dependence,” said Duke. “A woman who is questioning her own relationship with alcohol is less likely to seek help if it is deemed a normal coping mechanism for stress.”

In one ad — posted on Sims’ Instagram account — she explains what she calls her “Mim-moment,” or moment to drink a mimosa. She said, “It’s when you hide in your closet and you pretend like you have a hamper, but it’s actually a minifridge.” She shows the camera her Tropicana-branded fridge stocked with sparkling wine, and says, “It’s amazing. It’s so I can be a better mom. The best mom.” The campaign uses the hashtag #TakeAMimoment.”