Troubled Ke$ha`s backstage rider requests very little food but plenty of alcohol

Amid reports of her battle with bulimia and her mother’s denial of alcohol abuse issues, a new document has surfaced to shed a little light on the problems surrounding troubled singer Ke$ha.

RadarOnline claims to have obtained a copy of the 26-year-old singer’s 2013 backstage rider, which outlines the pop star’s behind-the-scenes needs prior and following her performances.

In the document, the singer requests minimal amounts of food, with only raw, steamed and sushi vegetables on her list. Other than an assortment of condiments, the list was lacking most food groups.

In addition to miniscule amount of munchies, Ke$ha requested a fair amount of liquor. Her demands included a bottle of tequila, two bottles of Cabernet and a bottle of vodka.

Last week, Ke$ha checked into a rehabilitation clinic to seek treatment for her eating disorder.

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