Troy Ave Talks Wine

In a recent interview with XXL magazine Troy Ave reveals that he has never been to a traditional vineyard or wine tasting.  But as he showed in the video for “Merlot,” the Bricks in My Backpack MC has had more than enough experience sipping to qualify as an unofficial connoisseur.

When ask about his drink of choice Troy revealed that he’s a big fan Clicquot with a dash of Amaretto. His first encounter with wine was thanks to an older chick he dated back in the days.

Troy says, “She was like 28 or whatever, and she used to drink a lot of wine. Looking back on it, she was prolly an alcoholic ‘cus she used to do like a bottle a day. So a lot of times she’d have me drinking wine and I was like, this shit kinda smooth or whatever. You get the same buzz, but you not mad drunk. And of course, it’s way cheaper. You just kickin’ it, get a little bottle. It’s just more convenient; It’s some cool out shit. It’s like smoking a bong hit as opposed to smokin’ a joint. It’s like some cool shit like, “I’m just sippin’ wine.” If you pop some champagne with a chick, you look like you trying to show off. If you like, let’s get this bottle of wine, she gon’ be like, “Oh, this nigga got class.”