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TRUSSARDI Dresses DISARONNO with Limited Edition Bottle

DISARONNO®, the world’s favorite Italian liqueur, is back for their annual DISARONNO® ICON Project.

True to form, this exciting Limited-Edition bottle once again partners with an esteemed Italian fashion house to make its unmistakably unique bottle extra special.  TRUSSARDI, a luxury fashion label and lifestyle brand that is best known for its leather goods, has transformed the iconic DISARONNO® bottle, giving it a dressed up look.

 TRUSSARDI Dresses DISARONNO with Limited Edition Bottle

The classic Trussardi texture and greyhound logo meet the unmistakable shape of a Disaronno bottle, with brushstrokes of fuchsia, green and blue framing the famous label. This is Disaronno wears Trussardi, the new Limited Edition. Two iconic Italian lifestyle brands driven by the same
values: contemporary style, unique aesthetics, innovation, Italian elegance and tradition.

image003 TRUSSARDI Dresses DISARONNO with Limited Edition Bottle

Along with the classic bottle, the designer collaboration will also be available in a trio of miniatures, each dressed in coordinating looks. 

This concept was launched six years ago with Disaronno partnering with other fashion houses by the likes Missoni, Versace and Cavalli.

The Disaronno Wears Trussardi bottle is an ideal gift for fashion aficionados or great for self-purchase to share with friends.

With its unique flavour and golden amber hue, Disaronno has a distinctive aroma that has won fans of all ages; taking Italian style to many corners of the globe. Delicious both neat and on the rocks, Disaronno is perfect for a celebration.

Make this DISARONNO wears TRUSSARDI Cocktail.