Try These Unusual Leftover Pulled Pork Ideas

Pulled pork is a delicacy; a meaty, juicy, and salty delicacy that tastes good slathered in barbecue sauce and piled high on a bun. 

The unique part of using a smoked pork butt for leftovers is the trademark outer bark that gets integrated into each dish. Throughout the long smoking process, the outer portion of meat becomes caramelized in a process known, in the BBQ world, as the Maillard reaction. This is the key to great tasting pulled pork (see more on yielding amazing pulled pork). 

But, if you just finished smoking a whole pork butt and have a ton of leftover meat you’re trying to find a use for…you might just get a little bored of eating those sandwiches over and over again. 

Never fear. It’s time to get creative. Here are some unusual, unconventional or just straight-up creative recipes and ideas to turn those pounds of leftover pork butt into a fresh, tasty and original dinner. 

Pulled Pork Poutine

Poutine is a Canadian classic, so you might say whipping up a pulled pork poutine is combining the best of two countries – two cultures, even. The cheesy, salty potatoes are the perfect complement to the juicy, tender pork…and the brown beef gravy brings them together perfectly. A perfect dish for dinner while watching the game. 

Pulled Pork Gyros

Gyros are delicious; a perfect combination of fresh veggies, hot shredded lamb, beef or chicken, and yummy fresh tzatziki sauce. Can it get any better? Well, yeah actually – if you add some of that leftover shredded pork to those gyros. Pork is lighter than lamb and easier to make, anyway, as its much less finicky…and a good Pulled Pork Gyros recipe will save you a good deal of effort when whipping up some gyros. The most labor-intensive part of this recipe is the tzatziki sauce. Be sure to make several batches at once and have leftovers of that, too. 

Pulled Pork Pizza

You knew that one was coming, right? Pulled Pork Pizza just seems like a natural way to go once you consider how good barbecue chicken pizza can be…we think it’s better than barbecue chicken. The trick here is to go light on the barbecue sauce. Some people like to add fruits like grilled peaches or pineapple in a vein similar to Hawaiian pizza; if done right, we think that could totally work. Getting the cheese just right is essential for Pulled Pork Pizza Success, we think. 

Pulled Pork And Broccoli Stir Fry

Ever had beef and broccoli? It’s delicious, right? Try swapping that beef out for your leftover pulled pork; it’ll taste much the same and just as good. Additionally, you could make a dang-good stir fry out of it, with peppers, onions and lots of hot spice – if you’re into that sort of flavor. The soy sauce is the key here; its saltiness matches the salty, sweet, tangy crust of the pulled pork perfectly, and together, the two create a fresh take on an Asian-food staple. 

Pulled Pork Quesadillas

If you love Mexican food…just repurpose all that pulled pork into some simple-but-tasty quesadillas. You’ll need some good old-fashioned barbecue sauce to give it the smoky sweetness that pulled pork is known for, but then you can combine with sweet Agave nectar and slices of Avocado to give it a distinctly Tex-Mex vibe. Wrap it all up in a tortilla with some cheese and cook until the cheese is melted, and the tortilla browned. Super simple, super tasty.