Turn your empty wine bottles into a striking light

Kevin Sutton is the artist behind Zuma Creations, who creates beautiful chandeliers, table lamps, sconces, and light candles from recycled wine bottles.

His work somehow reminds me of BottleHood, a company that creates glasses, vases and trays from discarded glass bottles of your favorite drink.

Sutton, on the other hand creates beautiful lamps by incorporating his excellent taste in design and lighting.

“Kevin’s areas of focus was equally divided between painting and sculpture. The common thread was a love of color, light and process. The lamps are an extension of  these interests, while also expressing his concern for the environment. A admiration for the Arts and Crafts movement, their reaction against an increasingly technological society, and their commitment to the marriage of form and fuction had a huge influence on his creative philosophy.” is how his website describes Sutton and his work.

You will notice that even though he uses wine bottles, there is a smooth satin finish to all of his work, this is achieved through a process called sandblasting. One of my favorite creations by Sutton, is the 35 bottle Chandelier (image above).

You can make your own striking light by using small Christmas lights.

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