Turning Milk into Vodka

They say milk does a body good. But what happens when you use milk to make a highly potent brand of vodka? Believe it or not, there are vodkas out there that use milk as the primary ingredient, such as Vermont White.

Vermont White is triple distilled in small batches from pure milk sugar and local spring water. The vodka is lightly charcoal filtered after the Distiller selects the center cut of each distillation according to incomparibily exacting standards. Vermont White is crystal clear, smooth with a delicate nose. Vermont White is excellent straight with a twist, or lightly chilled in your favorite cocktail. Vermont White is lactose free.

As far as vodkas go, it is actually pretty damn good.  It’s even gained a little bit of fame, too, as reportedly Jay-Z himself is a pretty big fan of the stuff and rumor has it it’s prevalent at his 40-40 Club in New York City. Hey, if it’s good enough for Jay-Z, it’s good enough for us.