Twitter celebrity kill of the day: Christian Slater

Twitter seems to “cyber” kill celebrities on a regular basis these days. Today the lucky star is Christian Slater. This morning tweeps fired 140 characters of death linking Slater to everything from a snowboarding accident, to dying on the set of “Broken Arraow II”, .

Looking at Christian’s past we would have opted for a drug OD or even a drunk driving accident. In 2008 the Hollywood actor revealed on an American TV show how he got addicted to alcohol and ended up in a two year alcohol bender.

“I found myself at home one night with a bottle of champagne, popped the cork, poured the glass, said ‘God keep an eye on me’, downed the drink and went on this phenomenal two-year run,” The Sun quoted Christian, as saying. “Where I pretty much drank my way around the world,” he added.

We can now report that Christian is still alive, and more important: There will be no sequel to Broken Arrow.