Two Benguela Cove Syrah Vintages hit the Shiraz SA Top 20

Benguela Cove Estate, located at the edge of the Atlantic Ocean in the Walker Bay region, has won a Top 12 Champion award for its Estate Syrah 2018. The event is organised by Shiraz SA, the largest cultivar organisation in South Africa with over 230 members. 

“Both the Estate Syrah and Benguela Cove Lighthouse Collection Syrah 2018 were top 20 finalists, making this is a strong showing for the estate’s Syrah vintage,“ says Johann Fourie, cellar master at Benguela Cove Lagoon Wine Estate.

“The Atlantic Ocean lagoon location offers a unique terroir, with the longest seaboard, and the closest to sea level probably of any vineyard in the world – cooled by the Benguela Current breeze at night after long, sunny days.

“It is particularly pleasing to see both of our Syrah’s short-listed. Although the two wines are stylistically different, what they have in common is that they’re made both from estate-grown fruit which really highlights Benguela Cove’s ability to produce some of SA’s finest Syrah’s.”

He says the estate’s philosophy and focus is to make site-specific wines from strictly estate-grown grapes, to capture Benguela Cove’s unique location and how it shines through in the distinctive character of the wines: “Very few red grapes show a sense of place like Syrah, which makes it a very exciting grape to work with – but even more so in marginal grape-growing areas, as it brings out the character in the wines.”

Tasting notes on the Benguela Cove’s Estate Syrah 2018 state: “There is nothing shy about this wine and one is met with an abundant display of violet, plum, black figs, fruit pastilles, mulberry and warm spice. As expressive and aromatic as it is, a twist awaits on the palate with a more savoury character and mouth-filling intensity. Well-chiselled tannin and an assertive acidity concludes the wine.”

Lighthouse Collection Syrah 2018 is described as follows: “True to the varietal, one is lured closer with delicious dark fruit, a rich perfume and a savoury gloss with hints of pepper. Juicy ripe tannins add structure with a youthful freshness to the bold fruit. The fruit follows through beautifully with a salty finish that lingers on the palate.”

The vineyard is running a series of free online wine tastings during the lockdown. Johann Fourie presents a different wine each week and there is a pairing with a dish that is cooked and prepared during the live event. Please note that wine cannot be sold for this event during current Government restrictions.