Two businessmen spend $16k on TWO bottles of wine at New York restaurant

As if placing an order for one of the world’s rarest and most expensive bottles of Bordeaux vintage wine wasn’t enough, two business associates visiting New York City ordered a second.

Racking in a $16,640 tab on the bottles of Petrus ’82 wine alone, the pair’s waiter said he had to do everything he could to keep his jaw from crashing to the ground.

‘He said, “Bring us another one,” the 21 Club’s wine director Phil Pratt told the New York Post. ‘At that point, you smile, and you try not to jump up and down and wave your arms too much.’

‘It’s one of the most famous wines in the world,’ he said.

The landmark speakeasy restaurant says it has sold only five similar bottles in the last three decades.

With the two bottles’ sale to the first-time diners this past May, ‘21’ reports having only three left in their cellar after ordering 12 when the bottles first came out.

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