Two Oceans wines ad is probably worse than Super Bowl’s anti-abortionists’

There’s a heck of a row brewing over an anti-abortion advert scheduled to be flighted during Super Bowl Sunday.

The offending spot will reportedly feature star quarterback Tim Tebow and his mom, who fell ill when she was pregnant with him and at the time rejected medical advice to have an abortion.

As a pro-choicer myself, I have always believed in the right of free speech and choice, so I find it odd that supposedly liberal-minded people are objecting to the advert. Even if the advert is being funded by a conservative lobby, it still raises an important issue that constantly needs to be debated.

Some of those objecting to the advert say it shouldn’t be aired during a major sporting event. Why not? Nobody complained when Arsenal players William Gallas and Bacary Sagna displayed a t-shirt on the field highlighting the Haiti earthquake disaster.

Why not use the opportunity of the Super Bowl? After all, it’s watched by millions of people, all of whom will have to return to real-life issues the moment the match ends (admittedly they won’t all be abortion-related).

So where does one draw the line? I would argue that we should draw it at blatant misinformation, which Two Oceans wines appear to be doing.

On Saturday night I happened to see a tv advert for the company. The volume on the set was down (we do that in the advert breaks), so I couldn’t hear what was being said. But they did show the Cape Peninsula growing out of the sea.

For me, this risks perpetuating the myth that the Atlantic and Indian oceans meet at Cape Point, the southern most tip of the Peninsula – when in fact they meet at Cape Agulhas, the southern most tip of Africa.

What are Two Oceans wines trying to do? Make the population stupid? Surely their product can do that to customers who overindulge without the additional burden of having Cape Town propaganda rammed down their throats?

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