Types Of Coffee And The Best Time To Drink Them

The optimal time to drink coffee is in the middle to late morning when your cortisol level is lower. There are various types of coffee to drink, as well as ideal times to drink them. Find out more.

One of the most consumed beverages in the world is coffee. It contains caffeine, a highly well-liked stimulant. Coffee is a beverage that many people enjoy. It serves to wake up our sleepy bodies, enjoy the flavor, and give individuals a great reason to interact socially and network. For coffee drinkers, this cup is like magic; it gives them energy and helps them get through their daily tasks.

Coffee drinks are available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors. They range from straightforward hot and cold coffees to a wide variety of peculiar and amazing coffee concoctions well-known in many cultures all over the world.

Different Types of Coffee & Best Time to Drink Coffee

Coffee beverage variations can be caused by how the coffee is made, the type of coffee machine used, the ingredients, or the serving technique. You may, for instance, choose between a hot coffee without milk and a cold coffee with milk. You can prepare a huge variety of coffee beverages. Of course, coffee beans are the magic ingredient used to make all coffee-based beverages, but the amounts used depends on the desired intensity, and type.

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In the following section, we feature the most popular coffee types and discuss the ideal times to enjoy it.

1. Cappuccino

Cappuccino was created in Austria and eventually traveled across Italy and became a favorite drink among Italians. Cappuccino is made with frothed milk and an espresso shot.

A cappuccino is typically thought of as a beverage that is commonly enjoyed in the mornings. It’s an ideal pick-me-up drink that will keep you energized throughout the day. This is due to the fat and milk content in the drink that activates your noradrenaline neurons, and furthermore affects the local release of dopamine. 

2. Latte

The milkiest variation of coffee is a latte. The ratio of a latte is ⅓ espresso and ⅔ steamed milk.  A latte can also be made with ice and served cold as a cooling beverage in the summer.

Latte is generally best consumed in the middle of the morning or early in the afternoon.

3. Mocha

This mocha is a crowd-pleaser since it is created with robust coffee, hot milk, and chocolate powder. Add some whipped cream on top for even more deliciousness!

Due to its filling qualities, this coffee is frequently recognized as a morning beverage. It could be a nice option for a mid-morning snack and drink.

4. Caffe/Espresso

Italian-made espresso is a well-known kind of coffee. To make espresso, an espresso maker uses high-pressure steam that is forced through ground coffee beans. As a result, a very concentrated coffee with a powerful flavor is produced. Cappuccino, macchiato, and Americano are all made with this coffee as their foundation.

Because it doesn’t include milk, an espresso is typically the recommended coffee in the afternoon or evening.

5. Americano

It is believed that the famous morning beverage known as an Americano first appeared during World War II. Soldiers would add water to their coffee to stretch their supplies even further. Water maintains the espresso’s flavor while diluting it.

On this, there are no hard and fast rules. Americano can be consumed in the morning, the evening, between meals, and either hot or cold. 

6. Decaf

Decaf coffee is produced from decaffeinated beans. The same methods that regular coffee is served, including hot, cold, and with or without milk, can also be used to prepare this beverage. The quantity of caffeine in decaf coffee is the main distinction. Although decaffeinated coffee has around 97% less caffeine than regular coffee, it still contains some caffeine.

The caffeine in coffee causes sleeplessness, restlessness, heart palpitations, elevated blood pressure, and anxiety. If you consume regular coffee and have anxiety, you might consider switching to decaf if the coffee worsens your anxiety.

7. Long Black

Like the americano flavor, long black is an Australian and New Zealand-born coffee beverage. Although, unlike an americano, it contains crema.

Analysts believe that the optimal time to drink long black coffee anytime between morning to noon when your cortisol level is relatively lower.

8. Macchiato

The definition of “macchiato” is “to mark or stain.” This is a reference to the smudge that steamed milk makes on the espresso’s surface after being dashed into the beverage. Depending on the customer’s preferences, flavoring syrups are frequently added to the beverage.

Due to the milk content, this beverage is typically seen as a morning beverage, similar to a cappuccino. Whether you select a latte or a coffee macchiato will determine whether the milk in the drink is frothed or flat.

9. Turkish Coffee

With a very fine coffee mix, this kind is a robust brew served with the grounds in the cup. Typically, it is cooked in an ibrik, a tiny copper kettle. As a consequence, you get a highly potent cup of coffee that can help you wake up instantly.

10. Iced Coffee

In the summer months, iced coffee has gained enormous popularity in the US. There are some variations in the recipes, with some places substituting water for milk. Depending on the customer’s preferences, different flavoring syrups are frequently added.


Coffee is a widely used beverage in every country. Although debatable, it has been claimed that the optimal time to drink coffee is during the mornings when your cortisol level is not as high. Before an exercise or athletic event, drinking coffee can help prevent exhaustion and improve muscular strength and power.

Remember that caffeine from coffee has a stimulating impact that, if consumed before bedtime, can interfere with sleep patterns and, in some cases, trigger anxiety.

Enjoy a cup of coffee every day as part of a balanced diet to help you flourish.