U.S. Overtakes U.K. As Second-Largest Export Market For New Zealand Wines

New Zealand wine exports rose 3% by value in the year through June, to NZ$1.2 billion ($1b), even as volume fell 5% to 170 million liters, according to the New Zealand Winegrowers trade group. The value increase was driven largely by the U.S., which contributed 13% growth to NZ$284 million ($242m) on a volume rise of 10% to 43.4 million liters.

The U.S. overtook the U.K. (-2% to NZ$278 million/$237m) as New Zealand wine’s second-largest export market by value during the year, though it still ranks behind Australia, which was down 2% to NZ$373 million ($318m). While dropping slightly by value, volume to both Australia (-7% to 50 million liters) and the U.K. (-17% to 48 million liters) fell more markedly during the period. Other countries posting strong value growth for New Zealand wines included Canada (+10%), China (+6%), Hong Kong (+11%) and Germany (+25%).

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