UK chef creates world`s most expensive ready meal – a fish pie costing £314

While the UK faced a food poverty “public health emergency”, a ready meal company in west London has brought out what it says is the world’s most expensive TV dinner.

Made with vintage champagne, edible gold leaf and “topped” with a pair of lobster tails, the Swish Pie by Charlie Bigham will set you back £314.16.

Pricing his creation with a nice round number “inspired by Pi itself”, Mr Bigham said the company wanted “to take our reputation for making the finest ready meals that bit further”.

Charlie Bigham’s ensures the pies don’t fall into the wrong hands by having each one delivered in a bespoke aluminium case, handcuffed to a professional security guard.

As well as the Cornish lobsters, gold crumb topping and fish poached in Dom Perignon 2003, the pie includes white Alba truffles, Beluga caviar resting on mother-of-pearl spoons and a selection of oysters.

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