UK Drinks 10 Million Cups Of Tea Every Day

Many of us Brits love a cup of tea, and the production of the nation’s favourite drink is so important that the United Nations has designated May 21 as International Tea Day.

To tie in with this, the UK Tea & Infusions Association polled 1011 people and released its latest Tea Census which reveals the latest trends in tea drinking in Britain.

The study found that tea is certainly a popular beverage with 10 million cups drunk every day in the UK.

Further findings of the Tea Census showed that almost a quarter of Brits drink five to six cups or more every day.

While 77 per cent favoured black tea – with or without milk and 54 per cent rated taste as the top reason for drinking tea.

All ages are partial to a brew, with over eight in ten 18 to 24 year olds developing a taste for tea.

A total of 55 per cent said that tea makes them feel relaxed, 41 per cent believe it reduces anxiety and stress and 29 per cent says it helps boost their mood.

Dr Sharon Hall, Chief Executive UK Tea & Infusions Association, told GB News: “Part of the work that we do at the Tea & Infusions Association is to promote tea and to encourage people to drink tea. We talked about the well-being benefits of having tea – taking a break and reducing your anxiety.

“But tea’s also packed full of health benefits as well, so it’s a great drink to introduce into your diet if you’re not doing that already.

“Those health benefits you can find them in black tea, green tea, there’s oolong tea, all different types of teas and I’d recommend that people just get out there and try them.”

It’s places like the Georgian Tea Rooms in Bridlington, East Yorkshire, that are keeping the British tradition of afternoon tea alive.

With tea served in pots, people can make their brew just how they like it whilst enjoying sandwiches, pastries and cakes. Some even use tea to infuse their food.

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