UK Launches 24-Hour Dial-a-Drink Service

Starting this week, people in parts of North West England can now have their nightcaps delivered straight to their doorsteps.

A new 24-hour “dial-a-drink” delivery service has been granted a trading license, despite pushback from district council and public health officials. “Booze Bury” was initially rejected—twice—due to public health concerns, and told that their chances of approval were “slim to none.” But Bury Council finally gave them the green light, on the grounds that 24-hour supermarkets are permitted to sell alcohol at all times. Dr. Peter Elton, Director of Public Health at NHS Bury, calls the new business “dangerous” and says it will drive up booze consumption and related health issues. “There is no doubt that increasing access in this way will increase problem drinking and lead to more hospital admissions and eventually to more people dying from alcohol-related disease,” he says. “Public health is not against the enjoyment of alcohol in moderation, but making it easier for people to drink in excess both damages themselves and increases the risk of violence in others.”