Ultra Wine Picks for Autumn

Falling leaves, spectacular sunsets, hearty stews… Autumn has rituals and flavours all of its own. As you pack away the sunscreen, pull out your sweaters and turn your mind towards Autumn, here are some wines from the Ultra Wine Guru catalogue that are a great match for the season.

White Wines – Wines with Autumn Spice

Move away from crisp, fruit-driven poolside Chardonnays and Sauvignon Blancs to more aromatic, heavier-bodied whites wines.


Red Wines – Go red, but light

Many will say a light red wine lacks seriousness and depth. For a red to be worthy, they say, it has to have heft. And yet, at this time of year, midway between summer and fall, there may be no wine more refreshing or suitable than a light red.



Prices only valid until 8 June 2014.