The Best Wines To Take On A Picnic

So, the sun is shining and with temperatures rising, our thoughts turn to al fresco dining, especially picnics.

It’s important to remember however that day drinking is a delicate art; the wrong wine will have you napping under a tree before the frisbee game starts. But it’s not just the type of wine to think about; innovative packaging options make outdoor drinking easier than ever.

Picnic wines are different than braai wines. Steaks, chops and sosaties are all about bold and spicy flavours, whereas picnic foods compose a broader range of lighter foods like salads of all kinds, cold fried chicken, charcuterie, cheeses and ripe fruits, mostly served cold.

Picnic wines should be

1) Light and refreshing,
2) A good match for a variety of foods,
3) Inexpensive,
4) Screw-cap

Here are some picnic wines we suggest you take on your next picnic in the park.

Wine in PET bottles

TTW The Best Wines To Take On A Picnic

Tangled Tree is a range of delightful wines produced by Van Loveren. It is priced to be kind to your pocket and more importantly, made in a way that’s kind to Mother Nature. The wine comes in eco-friendly, recyclable PET bottles. The light-weight, low volume packaging not only has a significantly lower carbon footprint, but it makes it the perfect fit for picnics.

Wine in cans

 The Best Wines To Take On A Picnic

Wine in cans is currently seeing massive growth in the United States, mostly thanks to millennials who prefer the cheaper and more portable packaging. Chateau Del Rei, a naturally sweet sparkling wine, comes in a stylish can, making it the perfect companion for a relaxed picnic.

Wine in a box

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There are many perks to choosing boxed wine over glass bottles, like the fact that you won’t be breaking the “no glass” rule of the park. My personal favourite box wine at the moment comes from Ben Wren Wine Co., who launched a series of premium quality bag-in-box wine, sourced from respected South Africa wine estates.