Umbrellas In Wine Bottles

There is hardly anything more disappointing than a wine bottle with zero alcohol, but this is an exception. These colourful wine bottles contain no wine at all, but they do house hidden umbrellas. They’re the perfect way to make someone smile on a rainy day!

The funnily named is.a.brella is the product of OFESS, a deign company from Hong Kong. The umbrellas are available in more colours and patterns than you can imagine. A deluxe version is also available and comes in a gift box.

The good news?According to ofess It can be used without restriction.

“The idea was accidentally found that while holding up the wine bottle upside down, with the neck in hand, it was like holding an umbrella on a rainy day. An idea struck to design the umbrella in the form of a wine bottle, the neck the umbrella handle, the bottle the umbrella container.”