Underground Cellar Is A Wine-Buying Site That Rewards You With Better Bottles For Free

While the Internet is not lacking in places to buy wines online, a new Y Combinator-backed startup called Underground Cellar has come up with an interesting new concept for wine sales, where its customers are able purchase package deals that include random, free upgrades to premium, rare, and private-stash bottles from a number of wineries.

These wines can then be shipped immediately to the consumer, or they can stored in Underground Cellar’s own climate and temperature-controlled wine cellar for on-demand shipping.

The idea for the startup’s unique business model comes from Jeffrey Shaw, a University of Arizona alumni who, after college, sold his ID badge printing business and began working on what would become Underground Cellar, financing it with the funds from that sale.

Founded in 2013, the website first launched into beta that fall and ran in an invite-only mode until March 2014. During that time, 30,000 members joined Underground Cellar to discover wines and purchase deals.

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