Unicorn Vodka Changes Colour As You Mix It

Have we reached peak unicorn? It appears not.

If you enjoy a unicorn latte but needs something to take you into the evening, meet unicorn vodka.

The colourful spirit is the creation of Ben Osborne and is made using premium Australian vodka, macerated with tropical fruits.┬áThe fruity spirit is a bright blue colour, with a shimmering glitter floating through it – shake it up for the full effect.

“The colour is completely natural. It’s from the butterfly pea flower, which is organically grown up in Queensland. It’s then dried and macerated with our vodka to give it the awesome blue colour. And the flavours come from tropical fruits” said Osborne.

“The only thing not natural is the fairy dust in it which gives it the shimmer. But it is fully edible – it’s a pearl dust which is essentially just a cake glitter.”

The real magic happens when the spirit is mixed, and depending on what you add it can change colour, creating a unicorn effect in your drink.

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