Unique Types Of Drinking Cups You Can’t Ignore

You can drink any liquid in any glass you want. But what would life be without a little bit of whimsy? Drinking your favorite beverage in a unique cup instead of the usual glasses you’ll find in your kitchen can add fun to your drinking experience. Check out some of the unique cups you can try:

Viking Drinking Horns

If you’re a fan of the Norse seafarers, you’ll love this drinking horn. Vikings from AD 800 to 1066 sailed great distances to raid, plunder, and also trade. One of the best Viking drinking horns you’ll find are the ones that are made of actual horns. These Viking drinking horns have food-safe sealants. If you want to throw a Norse-themed party or maybe you want to feel like you’re dining with Thor and Loki, you can use those.

Glass Half Full Drinking Glasses

Optimistic persons will love the glass half full drinking glasses. Even if you’re a pessimist, you should have these drinking glasses so it’ll remind you to stay positive every time you drink from it. The cup resembles a full-sized cup but only holds seven ounces. It’s also perfect if you want to cut down on sugary beverages such as artificial fruit juices or sodas. Have a glass, but you’ll only actually be getting half.

Crumpled Plastic Glass Cups

Solo cups are a staple at house parties. However, because of the growing mountains of trash littering our world, it’s not eco-friendly. The crinkled glasses can be a great replacement if you want to make your party seem like the old times and you’ll also be doing good for the environment. You can drink alcohol and even non-alcoholic party drinks from there.

Camera Lens Mugs

Camera lens mugs are perfect for every photographer out there. These mugs look like replicas of the camera lenses. It can come in different sizes, much like the various lens types such as zoom, prime, and telephoto. They’re also great presents for your trigger-happy friends.

Origami Drinking Cups

Origami is the art of paper folding, but these drinking cups are not made of paper. Origami drinking cups have origami patterns, thus the name. There is an actual origami drinking cup, which you can make out of paper, but the ceramic cups are the ones you can actually use for drinking.

Final Thoughts

Drinking out of unique cups adds fun to the dull task of drinking. Sometimes, it may even encourage you to drink water or healthy beverages because these cups are just so exciting to use. Try out the cups above to give a bit of life to your everyday drinking habits or when you host themed parties.