Upcycled Designer Chairs Made From Recycled Bottles And Cans

From creative outdoor bottle trees and garden edging to vases and serving platters made from flattened wine bottles, upcycling empties are trendy and hip. Like these loungers made from recycled wine bottles, water bottles and tins. Time to start thinking outside the bin!

Green Wine Bottle Lounger

Made from 38 recycled green glass wine bottles.

Kuskus Chair

France-based eco-friendly home decor company Plastiketic unveiled the Kuskus, a rocking chair made from 36 upcycled PET bottles. The chair fits within the company’s overarching mission to promote sustainability through reuse and upcycling. Designed by Gregory Hoogstoel, the Kuskus features a wooden frame sourced from eco-managed forests.

SIE43 Chair

This watery blue chair by Pawel Grunert is as refreshing as the liquid that was once contained in the plastic bottles it’s made from. Called the SIE43 Chair, the piece was constructed for the ‘Eco Trans Pop’ exhibition at the Colombari Gallery in Milan, Italy. Grunert created a stainless steel frame to which he affixed dozens of PET bottles to create the cascade of blue. Though the seat doesn’t look like the most comfortable one we’ve seen, it’s an attractive piece of eco-art that calls attention to the versatility of recycled materials.

Beer Can Couch

This beer can furniture is more of a couch than a chair, but it still gives a good idea of how to make a sturdy structure with just beer cans.