US Distillery Creates A Brandy That Smells Like Death, A Whiskey That Taste Like Deer And A Bourbon Made From Oil Found In A Beaver’s Castor Sac

Have you ever wondered what death and decay smell like? Tamworth Distilling based in New Hampshire has crafted a brandy that smells like a corpse.

In case you are worried, Corpse Flower Brandy’s distinctive flavour doesn’t come from rotting flesh, it comes from the infamous durian fruit. The stinky fruit emits an overpowering odour that tends to elicit intense feelings of love or disgust.

To make matters worse, the spirit is also distilled from indole, an organic compound that can smell either floral or putrid depending on the concentration.

The bottle label describes the aromas on the brandy as smelling like raw sewage and putrid. We’re not entirely sure why anyone would want to punish their senses like this, but Tamworth thinks you’ll change your mind once you actually try the brandy. 

It’s designed to be smelled before sipping, which might put you off, but when properly diluted, it has a delicate floral taste that head distiller Steven Grasse describes as “purely divine.”

Corpse Flower Brandy is not the only bizarre alcohol offerings at Tamworth Distilling in Philadelphia. The Deerslayer Venison Whiskey is said to taste like deer because there’s deer in it. The 99-proof whiskey offers adventurous drinkers a meaty venison-like flavour.

Then there’s also the Eau de Musc, an 88-proof bourbon made from oil derived from a beaver’s castor gland. A statement on their website reads:

New Hampshire life is ruled by the wilderness, and beavers are widely prevalent, extremely territorial, and prone to overpopulation. Therefore, rural communities like Tamworth work with licensed and responsible trappers to manage the population in order to sustain the local ecosystem.

The weird and wacky drinks trio will be available as a limited-edition set for $175 just in time for the holidays. You can also buy them individually for $65 a bottle.