Vaping Alcohol: The Latest Crazy Trend

An electronic cigarette replaces an ordinary cigarette.  At the same time, this unusual device looks just like a real cigarette: the tip of the device is equipped with a red light that simulates the process of corruption, and with each puff made, the smoker’s body receives several micrograms of nicotine. Moreover, the electronic cigarette even has a lot of smoke, but this smoke is not at all like tobacco smoke.

The principle of functioning of the device is simple: the flavored liquid with nicotine is heated and converted into vapor, which, respectively, is inhaled by the smoker. Those who quit smoking often go to the vape: since the liquid can be of different strengths, this allows you to reduce the dose and supposedly completely give up nicotine gradually. However, in reality, more and more people who have never smoked have sat down on the vape.

Trends in the world of vaping

 The most common appearance of the vaporizer ( gives examples) is an exact copy of the usual cigarette. And for that there is a significant reason – to move from smoking tobacco to vaping, ones need to create the most comfortable conditions. After all, the power of habit produces the subconscious acceptance of just such a form. However, vaping also has its own trends, including the form. Stylish devices for hovering with a form that differs in many respects from the classical one are no longer a rarity and not wonder.

Let’s look at the reasons for the demand for such products.

1. Style – vapes do not belong to cheap items of consumer goods. These devices have long taken their place in the niche of fashion accessories. And if so, then it is quite understandable to change their design over time. The closest analogy is a smartphone. Each manufacturer tries to make these devices so that they look cool and seem very modern.

2. Opportunities – A vape limits its functionality due to a small size. Therefore, it is difficult to add some technical innovations to it, because there is no place to place them. Modern devices for vaping can have a larger size, and as a result, extended functionality.

3. Reliability – The form must stand the test of time. Weed vaporizer in its classic version is not always convenient and has the risk of being broken. There are more rational forms of devices for vapers reducing the risk of damage from mechanical stress, and hence, extending the service life.

Students of American schools and universities began to forget about vaping, addicted to “juuling”. A new type of electronic smoking involves the use of a fake memory card and is, according to experts, more dangerous.

Doctors are concerned about the new hobby of American teens – smoking alcohol. Western teenagers practice alcohol fumes consumption. One of the ways of such smoking is pouring alcohol on dry ice in a bottle and subsequent absorption of alcohol vapors. Some of them manage to pull vapors out of the bottle with the help of a bicycle pump. This practice contributes to rapid intoxication, and alcohol bypasses the stomach and liver, quickly getting into the blood, and then into the brain.

Actually, the desire to experiment does not leave many fans of the process of soaring, and they are looking for what can replace the ready-made compositions. Someone does it only out of curiosity, and someone is looking for ways to save because the maintenance of the device is not a cheap pleasure.

Every lover of soaring will say that a weed vape can be refilled exclusively with a special liquid, and will be right. The design of these devices is such that steam will be produced only if specific components are present in the mixture. They are contained in liquids in certain quantities, which ensures the normal operation of the electronic cigarette.

Some experimenters manage to use various liquids for their devices up to water, juice, tea and other substances and the result of such experiments, as a rule, is a complete failure of an electronic cigarette, which entails additional costs for purchasing a new weed vape pen.

Recently, a new trend in vaping has appeared in the world. In many vaper forums, people share the fact that they experiment and add alcohol to the liquid. Many vapers who want new sensations and tastes add rum, whiskey, brandy, wine and many other alcoholic beverages to the electronic cigarette liquid. Vapers themselves are sure that there will be no harm from a few grams of alcohol.

In no case should this be done? If in other cases you put at risk only the structure itself, then in the case of using alcohol, you endanger your own health. Such vapors affect the body much more aggressively than when taking alcohol-containing beverages inside. In addition, if you fill the device with such compositions, it can ignite or explode.

A study by Yale University shows that people who use commercially available weed pens with alcohol have weakened motor skills. Smokers do not even know that they are under the influence of alcohol, said Mehmet Sofuglu, a professor at the Yale School of Medicine, who co-authored the study. Several study participants who consumed e-cigarettes had alcohol in their urine. Sofuglu noted that it is alarming, especially since we are seeing a sharp jump in the number of adolescent smokers. Along with the fact that American cigarettes fade into the background, they are replaced by e-devices. Also a cause for concern, the researchers note, is due to the fact that adolescents can make their own fluids with higher levels of alcohol.

The market for vape products – electronic cigarettes, boxing mods and all sorts of accessories for them, has reached a whole new level for the last year. In the future, according to experts, the number and variety of devices available at an Online Vape Store will increase. And this will lead to the fact that by 2020 the total share of vapers will be 10% of the total smoking population.

About the author:Christina Matthews, the journalist who studies the latest news in the health industry. Now she studies the effects of vaping on health and reasons of such its popularity