Versus Wines Gets a Colourful New Look

Versus wines launches a refreshed, more colourful look this month, portraying the brand’s no-nonsense approach to wine and flair for the unconventional with lighter, brighter colours that make it more visually striking at point of purchase.

Chris O’Shea, Executive Director for Sales and Marketing at ‘the company of wine people explains, “After a process of extensive consumer research and consultation with industry experts and valued trade partners, we are confident that the new labels will achieve greater prominence on shelf while better demonstrating the unique personality of the Versus brand.”

He explains, “Our consumers have given us great insight into what needed to be changed on the packaging, and we have taken their input to ensure that the brand presence – which is already strong in South Africa and in other global markets – continues to grow.”

“Our consumers consider the clean, classic diamond logo to be iconic for the brand, so this remains but it has also been enhanced to be bolder and more visible on the label,” adds O’Shea.

He says, “The icon is further reinforced on the capsules, where the brand name ‘Versus’ is unconventionally printed in the shape of a diamond and set against the lighter, brighter colour palette.”

“Our consumers take a fun, lighthearted approach to wine drinking,” explains O’Shea. “Versus is loved by fans who want an easy-living wine that delivers on quality as well as a crisp, uncomplicated taste so now we have taste descriptors that tell them, purely and simply, what’s in the bottle – for example, ‘Crisp and Fruity’ or ‘Mellow and Smooth.’”

The Versus brand continues to bring a refreshing, fun approach to the enjoyment of wine through its innovations. “Our consumers are always on-the-go and embrace technology in the new media space,” he adds. “We now also make use of QR-codes on the label, which gives our consumers greater freedom to interact with the brand when, and where, they want to.”

Versus already enjoys a strong presence in South Africa and, with sales on the rise in both in South Africa and key European markets, it’s global footprint is expanding.

“This shows us that we are moving in the right direction and delivering on consumer insight to ensure greater demand,” O’Shea adds. “Versus continuously strives to challenge perceptions and the brand will see some innovative product developments – including the launch of a 2-litre Boxed Wine option – in the coming months.”

The bold and colourful new look of Versus wines is currently available on shelf.