Viceroy Vul’Umlomo: Conversations on Culture | Through Art

South Africa is predominantly known as a rainbow nation because it is made up of so many diverse cultures and religions.

Culture on its own binds humanity together, from our traditions and practices, passed down to us over generations, to our creative expression of the world around us; and our creative imagination of the future; culture is all around us. A person’s identity is made up of their character combined with their family and social roots. Identity, like culture, is ever-changing.

Viceroy believes having a historical perspective about your roots can serve as a guidepost, and it often helps shape the characters of future generations. Therefore Viceroy continues to drive Vul’umlomo: Conversations on Culture – which enables a dialogue that reinforces the importance of our roots and shows how dynamic our culture is.

Viceroy presents the Mandisi art series – where Viceroy will unpack and explore the visual storyteller and traditionalist Mandisi Maboee, whose culture is explored through art. He expresses his Xhosa heritage through the artistic compositions he creates. Not only does Mandisi tells his own story through an art form, but he captures the story of the African lived experience through artefacts that are part of his art; these reflect history, sentiment and generations. 

“The model for our Vul’umlomo series shares the authentic balance between tradition, culture and modern lifestyle. As Viceroy, we aim to create a cultural platform that seeks to keep the conversations on culture alive, says Richard Papo”, Marketing Manager for Viceroy. Find out more details about the Mandisi art series by following Viceroy on their social media platforms and viewing the content piece below.