Victoria Beckham Starts Her Day With A Vodka Cocktail That Is Very Easy To Make

Designer Victoria Beckham had a better Monday than most of us. The former Spice Girl, who is currently on vacation in Italy with her family, revealed that she was treated to a very elaborate summer cocktail which involved “the biggest watermelon” she had ever seen.

Posh Spice was treated to a vodka, Schweppes and watermelon juice cocktail that was prepared from scratch in front of her by a chef, who drilled into the watermelon to drain the juice before working his magic to preparing the alcoholic beverage. The fashion designer shared the hashtag: “Drink responsibly,” and joked: “Not the worst Monday.”

It comes as no surprise that Victoria enjoyed a fruit-based cocktail for her holiday treat. The star is known for her healthy lifestyle and previously revealed that she starts each day with a dose of apple cider vinegar, along with a healthy homemade breakfast such as eggs or an all-natural cereal, which she also gives to her children as an alternative to sugar-laden chocolate cereals.

The mother-of-four even had a birthday cake made entirely from fruit for her 44th birthday in April last year, which was given to her by David and their children Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz and Harper. The star was delighted with the confection, and joked that her family knew her “too well.”