Vodka Competitors Skyy and Absolut Join Forces to Support Marriage Equality

Skyy Vodka and Absolut are competitors on the bartender’s shelf, but today, the brands have come together to support same-sex marriage, in a new Australian social campaign from TBWA/Sydney and TBWA network agency Eleven.

The ad, posted on both Skyy and Absolut’s social media accounts, depicts the two brands’ bottles standing side by side, with a rainbow-colored heart in between. Copy reads, “The Skyy’s the limit when we have Absolut equality.”

Australia is currently in the midst of a public vote the High Court initiated to gauge opinion on whether the country’s 1961 Marriage Act should be amended to protect same-sex couples. Whatever the outcome, the vote will have no legal repercussions, although Australian Prime Minister Malcolm TurnbullĀ has promisedĀ to introduce legislation to legalize same-sex marriage if the majority of the country votes in favor of marriage equality, according to CNN.