Wanna Try Some Elephant Dung Beer?

The only thing better than a $50 cup of elephant dung coffee is an even pricier glass of elephant dung beer. Because alcohol improves everything, right?

That’s the idea behind the Thailand specialty brew  Un, Kono Kuro, a dark stout that uses Thailand’s infamous elephant-processed coffee beans as a base for some really intense butt-brewing action. It works like this: workers at a Thai elephant sanctuary feed their elephants a crapload of coffee beans. Then the beans sit around in the elephants’ digestive system for awhile, absorbing all sorts of secondary flavors like banana and sugar cane (and, you know, elephant sh**) before being pooped out in giant caffeinated piles. Then really unlucky specially trained workers hand-pick the coffee beans out of the elephant dung, the beans get made into coffee, and the coffee gets made into beer. Then you drink it.

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