The Best Food Products To Donate and Those To Avoid During Covid-19 Lockdown

Charitable food collections are taking place all over South Africa during Lockdown. Forget rice and lentils, give some of these delicious food products!

Charitable organisations are asking for food donations, but so often the request merely states “non-perishable” and we’re left wondering, just what exactly are they in need of? Food24 made a list of food items that will bring the most joy, and a few to pass on.

1. Canned beans and legumes 
Chickpeas, kidney beans and butter beans are a versatile food product that can make soups, stews and even salads while providing a high protein meal.

2. Tea and coffee
A meal is essential, but sometimes a hot beverage can do just as much to feed the soul. Often, volunteer staff don’t have tea or coffee to enjoy during their shifts, so this will help them help more fellow South Africans.

3. Milk powder or UHT milk
Not only for tea time, milk can help make a nutritious breakfast for children and adults who may struggle with solid foods. See Oatmeal

4. Cooking oil 
An essential ingredient that is often needed, and not very often donated.


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