Watch Brad Pitt toss Matthew McConaughey a beer in the best celebrity alcohol throwing video EVER

Want to see the best video of two Hollywood megastars throwing beer about that will probably ever exist?

Oscar-winning actor Matthew McConaughey can be seen just hanging out on his – apparently massive – balcony with his family when who should appear on the balcony across the street but Hollywood hunk Brad Pitt.

The pair then decided to have a casual chit chat across the street below, waving and laughing and joking, when Brad decided to up the ante by giving his neighbour a gift – the gift of beer. Amazing.

Disappearing into his house for a bit, Angelina Jolie’s soon to be husband, returned and hurled the can of beer across the road and over to Matt.

And if you look closely it seems like one of Brangelina’s brood appeared at the door to watch Brad show off his throwing arm to the army of fans below.

The video – which is pretty awesome – will just fuel speculation that Brad is ready to sign up to replace Matt in the second season of True Detective.

He gives him beer and gets his TV show in return – seems like a fair swap.

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