Brad Pitt’s Brother Reenact The Ending Of ‘se7en’ In New Beer Commercial

Doug Pitt is pretty swell. In addition to enduring several decades of being described as “Brad Pitt’s younger brother,” he’s spent a lot of his own life trying to improve the lives of others.

Last month, he was in Tanzania scoping out sites for wells that will bring clean water to communities throughout the country. He also celebrated the tenth anniversary of Care to Learn, a non-profit organization for school kids who need financial help in the areas of “health, hunger, and hygiene.” (Oh yeah, he founded Care to Learn, too.) And he also cleaned up the iconic final scene of Se7en, swapping Gwyneth Paltrow’s severed head for a six pack of beer.

In a two-minute commercial for Mother’s Brewing Company, Doug Pitt is doing a very wholesome interpretation of Detective David Mills. He has the leather jacket, the goatee, and the “What’s in the boooooox?” and the ad really is an insanely well-done recreation of that scene, which saw Brad-as-David coming face-to-face with Kevin Spacey’s psychopathic John Doe.