Watch: People Try Moonshine For The First Time

Every first Thursday of June, National Moonshine Day is observed. This distilled spirits has a notorious record of blurring the lines of history and the law, turning ordinary men and women into criminals and common criminals into legends.

Moonshine is a white whiskey made by distilling corn, and it was thought that it became a popular income source in the Appalachian Mountains due to the difficulty involved in moving corn. The base ingredients in moonshine is a malt of corn, barley, and rye, and creates a delicious and powerful blend.

How To Celebrate Moonshine Day

Moonshine Day is best celebrated by heading down to your local liquor store and giving this fantastic drink a try. Take care though, this is a drink meant to be sipped and treated with respect, especially given its 100 Proof nature. For those who may not be familiar with proofing, this means that moonshine is nearly 50% alcohol, high enough to burn.