Water Bottle That Will Glow When You Need To Take A Sip

HidrateMe aims to help you fill up on your H20 with a sensor that monitors your intake and syncs that information up with an app on your smartphone. Should you need more water than you are ingesting, the bottle will glow.

The bottle is also doing exceptionally well on Kickstarter right now. The campaign blew past its original $35,000 goal in just one day and is now just over $45,000, with 41 days to go.

There are quite a few other “smart” water bottles out there – the Trago smart bottle is running a concurrent Kickstarter campaign but hasn’t even topped the $10,000 mark – despite being a staff pick. The BluFit raised almost $75,000 on Indiegogo but didn’t reach even half its goal at the time the campaign ran. The Hug water bottle sensor and app almost hit its Kickstarter goal of $35,000, topping off at $28,227.

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