Waverley Hills Welcomes A New Chef

Nadia Beutler walked into our kitchen beginning of March 2019 as the new Chef & Restaurant Manager.

She was born in Somerset West and growing up enjoyed decorating the table while her father prepared the food.  “I got my passion for food from my Pappi and believe that food is about creating memorable moments for people.  It is meant to be an experience.” Says Nadia, passion and excitement evident in her voice.

When asked what inspired her for the new Waverley Hills Menu, she replied:  “The small-town life.  The locals enjoy hearty meals and want value for their money, and this is what I want to offer them.”  A smile crosses her face.  “But, I also keep an eye on food trends.”

It would thus seem that like all other chefs, she too refuses to stagnate and stick with one menu for too long.

So bring your loved ones and friends and come enjoy the delicious options the Waverley Hills Menu has to offer.