We All Want To Be The Bride Who Got Married Holding A Bouquet Of Doughnuts

Honestly, unless it’s your own wedding, they feel like they go on forever – without much sustenance.

By the time any good food is brought you, you’re half cut anyway.

The pain particularly acute if you’re a bridesmaid.

You’ve got to spend the day running hither and thither after your own non-celebrity. And what time does that leave for eating? Very little.

So imagine how thankful you’d be if you were Paige Kirk’s bridal party.

Because she wisely decided to swap her bouquet of Gardenias for a massive bunch of white glazed doughnuts…and also did the same for her bridesmaids.

Cakery Dessert Boxes captured the moment that Paige surprised her bridal party by swapping their flowers for sweet treats.


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