We Experimented With Powdered Alcohol So You Don`t Have To

On Monday of this week, Connecticut’s House of Representatives voted to ban the sale of powdered alcohol, supporting a bill that will go to Governor Dannel Malloy for approval. The Nutmeg State’s attack on the stuff follows statewide bans in Delaware, Vermont, Virginia, South Carolina, Louisiana, Utah and Alaska. Senator Chuck Schumer has even advised the FDA to ban it outright, calling it “the Kool-Aid of teenage binge drinking.” Which makes powdered alcohol sound like something that’s already ravishing our Norman Rockwell-esque towns.

Except you can’t even buy it yet. Palcohol, the first commercialized powdered alcohol, doesn’t go on sale in the US until this summer. But we couldn’t let that stop us from seeing if the safety concerns raised by all these legislators have any base in reality.

I started off by playing the press card, and I emailed Palcohol to see if they would send us an early sample for our video. Here is their response:

Thanks for contacting us and your support. We are not sending samples out yet. If you are able to make some sort of powdered alcohol, be careful not to associate anything about Palcohol based on your powder as yours will have nothing in common with Palcohol. We are very serious about this. Thanks.

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